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FAQ it till you make it

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about donations, calculating emissions and our carbon offset projects. Select a topic to get started.

What criteria do you use to select your carbon offset projects?

1. Effectiveness of CO₂ savings

  • Measurable CO₂ savings: We ensure that the CO₂ emissions saved can be determined and verified using approved calculation methods (more information under 3). 

  • Additionality: There is a financing gap, i.e. the project would not be realised without climate action contributions.  

  • Durability: We check whether the CO₂ savings are permanent. In case of concerns (e.g.dieback/renaturation of part of the tree population) we create appropriate risk buffers and deductthese from the emission savings. 

  • Scalability: We only promote technologies that scale, i.e. that can be transferred to other project locations at the same or lower cost. This ensures that the funded technologies have the potential to have a relevant effect on achieving the climate targets. 

  • No Leakage: We check whether the project will lead to emissions being caused elsewhere (e.g. if climate-damaging land use is relocated rather than terminated). 

2. impact on regional population and environment

  • We involve regional stakeholders in the planning process 

  • We harmonize the project plans with regional development strategies 

  • We demand a positive additional benefit for regional economic and ecological systems and document this on the basis of the UN Social Development Goals (SDGs). 

3. independent audit and control

  • Approved calculation method: We only use methods approved by a scientific council to measure CO₂ savings.  

  • Validation: An independent third party (e.g. TÜV) checks the planning documents including the calculation before project approval.  

  • Monitoring: An independent third party (e.g. TÜV) checks the actual CO₂ savings.  

  • Verification: Recognized climate action standards emission savings (e.g. Gold Standard) guarantee the emission savings through certificates.  

  • Public registration and decommissioning: We register the certificates in public registers and decommission them there. This prevents double counting.